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Late Winter, Early Spring

As we dig out of our biggest snowstorm in memory, we are looking forward to Spring. And with Spring comes the beginning of rebirth, getting together and reconnecting with friends, and -- of course -- enjoying fun music. At Just Plain Folk, we are excited about this year's music events. We are actively adding more to our calendar, but already have some great music dates lined up.

On March 9th (10:00 AM-1:00 PM), we'll be at our first outdoor gig in Tacoma. We'll be at the Proctor Farmers Market, and are looking forward to meeting up with friends old and new as they welcome the first fresh produce of the Spring.

And on April 6th (7:00 PM), we're looking forward to returning to a favorite venue of ours, Luther's Table. It's been a while since we played there, and we always have a great time. Luther's Table is the ideal place to bring friends and family, enjoy a bite to eat, and engage in great conversation (and, of course, great music!).

Mark your calendars now for one or both of these dates. We've missed seeing you over the winter, and look forward to getting together and reconnecting with you this Spring!

See our Dates page for more details about these and other upcoming events!

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